Setting up Sales Navigator

The first step for an optimal Sales Navigator experience is to configure it the right way. It only takes a few minutes and will GREATLY improve your results - and it's very often (if not always) overlooked.

And you can easily understand why as even the settings button is a very little icon almost hidden but here it is :


Click on it and access your Sales Navigator settings page. The first thing we'll configure is your sales preferences.

Setting your sales preferences will tell Linkedin what to put in your account maps and system-recommended leads in addition to a few other things impacting your overall Sales Navigator experience.

That's why if you have a clearly defined ICP, I highly recommend setting this up as it takes only a few seconds and can improve your Sales Navigator efficiency significantly.


So here for example my ICP is Sales Director and C-Suite of US Software/Marketing Companies in the 11-200 company size range (sounds bizarre? that's because I made it up) but obviously adapt it to YOUR target audience.

Then scroll down a bit and you'll see your email preferences. Email preferences will be the email alerts you will receive in your inbox.

Here are the settings I use :


The reasoning is that our email inboxes are already cluttered. We don't want email alerts that are not directly actionable. Sales Navigator guidance, etc. who cares ??

I only enable profile views and role/job changes as they are usually relevant and there's a notion of timing so I don't want to notice it too late.

Now scroll down again and you'll see your alert preferences. Here I like to keep most things on as they can be fairly relevant. The only thing I tend to disable is lead/account sharing updates.

What those do is alert you when a lead/account posted on Linkedin and usually that's not relevant. And if they're active on Linkedin, that will bring a lot of noise for nothing.


Turn everything on except updates


Suggest to keep this on except that coach. I AM THE COACH.