The Lead page

Once you have selected an account you will want to go into deeper details about the actual people in that company and will inevitably end up on a Sales Navigator Lead page.

It looks like this:

  1. Here you will have a "one glance" overview of that person. Name, title, current role/company, contact info (sometimes), location, etc.
  2. You also have some more dynamic tags that can be added on the top right. “Open" means you can send an inMail to that person without using one of your inMail credit. "in" tag means that person has Linkedin Premium/Sales Navigator. And you will also see when was the last time you saw/messaged that profile.
  3. On the right sidebar you can save that person to a specific lead list and add notes to their profile. Then again, usually this should be in the CRM instead, but if you have some private notes just for yourself, it can go there.

Then if you scroll down you will have a "Relationship" section containing various highlights about your relationship with that lead eg. common groups and shared connections.

This can be useful to ask for an introduction if you're struggling to get in touch with a specific lead - getting an intro from a mutual friend will greatly increase your connection rate.

The shared group can also be a golden nugget: if you notice that different relevant leads share the same group, you can assume that some other people in that group are relevant as well and use that group as a lead search filter to find them. I won't put another screenshot but after that you have a bunch of other things like past experiences, education & interests etc. exactly like what you have on a "normal" Linkedin profile.

What you do have additionally is a CRM section highlighting if that person is already in your CRM (assuming you connected it to Sales Navigator), which can be useful especially if you're at a large company where the CRM is likely already filled with lots of leads.