More advanced tips

More advanced tips

You should now be able to run at least one successful cold email campaign, congrats!

If you want to go further down the rabbit hole of optimization, here are few more things below that you may find helpful.


Spintax (“spinning syntax”) is a way to randomize specific words and phrases in your emails. The most basic example is your email greeting:

{{ hey | hi | Hello }} Marc

Whenever you send an automated cold email, spintax will choose a variation, so one batch of emails will go out with “Hey, Marc,” and others will be sent with “Hello, Marc.”

Email providers look at the content similarity across your emails. While you will vary personal information, your emails will still sound 95% similar. Spintax, on the other hand, makes all your automated emails look unique and therefore helps with deliverability.

Spintax implementation depends on your cold outreach software, but typically you use curly brackets to denote places where spintax comes in and pipe separators to list variations.

I’ll use sp1n.me’s spintax tool for this example:


In the end, I get 96 possible results with different combinations, including:

  • Hey [firstName], noticed you were doing cold emails. That’s so clever! I actually might help you (…) Interested or not really?”
  • Hello [firstName], saw you were cold emailing. That’s so cool! I actually could help you (...) Mind if I send more?

Sp1n.me will also show you all the possible outcomes, so you can sanity-check them and ensure the content makes sense when different variations are combined.

Sending plain text emails

Another way to improve your deliverability is to send plain text emails, that is, raw text.

If you have any links, pictures, or text formatting (eg. bold text) - your email is not plain text, it’s actually HTML. And even if you don’t use any of those things, chances are the software you’re using to send emails supports those features and therefore uses HTML for all emails.

The more HTML you have compared to text, the more it looks like a promotional marketing email (think all those marketing emails including only a big picture). That’s why we recommended to remove any links, pictures etc. already…

But if you want to go one step further, you should try sending your emails as plain text emails (if your cold email software supports it).

Here’s how to do it on Smartlead:


and on Instantly:


Mixing campaigns

Still to improve deliverability, you can mix different campaigns at the same time so that each account sends many different emails compared to sending similar emails many time.

So for example instead of doing:

  • Week 1 : campaign 1 - 15 emails/day
  • Week 2 : campaign 2 - 15 emails/day
  • Week 3 : campaign 3 - 15 emails/day


  • Week 1 : campaign 1 - 5 emails/day + campaign 2 - 5 emails/day + campaign 3 - 5 emails/day
  • Week 2 : campaign 1 - 5 emails/day + campaign 2 - 5 emails/day + campaign 3 - 5 emails/day
  • Week 3 : campaign 1 - 5 emails/day + campaign 2 - 5 emails/day + campaign 3 - 5 emails/day

End result is similar in terms of emails sent, but emails are more mixed everyday. Does that make sense?

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