Reviewing leads

Reviewing leads

So now you’ve scraped a list of leads out of Sales Navigator.

Except… it’s not always usable as it is.

Depending on the search filters you used and the audience you’re looking at, some leads may be out of your scope even though they appear in Sales Navigator search results.

There are multiple reasons for that:

  • The keyword you’re looking may appear in a previous job experience which isn’t relevant anymore
  • Some people have multiple jobs that are confusing to Sales Navigator
  • Sales Navigator takes the liberty to put you leads adjacent to your search even though they don’t match exactly
  • etc.

My point is: results are not exactly as you would expect.

But fear no more, Findymail will help there too.

When you export a Sales Navigator search with Findymail, you will get additional helper columns in the output CSV file that will help you review matching leads faster.


Those columns are:

  • job_title_match
  • industry_match
  • keyword_match
  • company_size_match

which are only filled when you’ve used the corresponding filter ie. current job title filter, industry filter, keyword filter or company headcount filter.

Those columns will contain “YES” or “NO” depending on if the lead matches exactly your entered filter.

For example:

  • if you’ve entered “Head of Sales” as a filter and Sales Navigator returned someone “VP of Sales”, job_title_match will be “NO”
  • if you’ve filtered for companies 11-50 headcount but got a lead with a company having 112 employees, company_size_match will be “NO”
  • etc.

keyword_match will be equal to “YES” only if the keyword is present in the Linkedin profile description (”About” section) or in the current job experience description. This is stricter than Linkedin’s keyword search, which will look for the keyword anywhere in the profile - but that’s closer to what you intuitively expect usually when doing a keyword search.

With all of that, you can then open that CSV in Excel/GSheets/whatever and filter out irrelevant leads. Does it matter for you if the job title is slightly out of scope yes/no? the industry? etc.

There’s no finite answer there - depends on your search but this will speed up the process as you will only need to review manually a sub-section of the search that have been flagged as potentially irrelevant, or you can even just remove sections entirely and automatically if you only want to keep strict results.

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